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WHY CHOOSE All American Tracks?

Before the application of TopTrax             After the application of TopTrax

All American Tracks not only specializes in the installation of the TopTrax polyurethane and latex systems, but we also handle all facets of the running track construction process. All American Tracks performs consultations, surveying, track drawings, calculations, layout in metric, track lining and re-lining, logos, artwork and certification. Our personnel are highly qualified and experienced. All American Tracks will be with you from conception to completion, and can help you maintain your TopTrax running track with our preventative maintenance programs.

All American Tracks specializes in TopTrax Polyurethane and Latex Systems. The TopTrax system has been engineered for world class competition. It's a weather resistant and highly durable surface made up of granular rubber bonded with polyurethane or latex. The TopTrax systems are either porous or non porous. It allows athletes to compete and train all year long. It was created with the athlete's safety in mind as well, reducing knee shock and the risk for injury. The TopTrax surface allows athletes to achieve maximum traction and top performance.

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