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All American Tracks can renovate both LATEX and POLYURETHANE running track surfaces. For LATEX running surfaces, we can patch, add rubber, spray latex, and/or restripe. On POLYURETHANE surfaces, we can patch, restripe, and/or add an aliphatic coating spray or structure spray. This provides a matte finish to the track with excellent resistance to damage from ultraviolet light and weather. It also protects the base rubber and makes it easier to keep clean. Please contact us for a consultation on the renovation needs of your track surface.


The professionals at All American Tracks can custom design a preventative maintenance program to help keep your track in top condition. Regular inspection and maintenance can prolong the life of your track surface, prevent costly major repairs and reduce the risk of injury. A preventative maintenance program from All American Tracks will help extend the service life of your track for years to come - ask us for a consultation.

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