When time comes for a complete renovation of the existing rubberized surface, we completely remove and dispose of the existing rubberized track surface. Care is taken during the removal not to damage the existing asphalt base. Once removal is completed, we then clean the asphalt base. After the cleaning, an inspection of the asphalt is done with the owner to determine the condition of the asphalt base. At this time, we will give our recommendations.


Track layout, survey work, installation of TopTrax polyurethane or latex system and striping will be done by qualified personnel. Complete certification will be within NFSHSA, NCAA, or IAAF standards. All American Tracks will be with you after the installation process is complete as well. We'll help you preserve the long-lasting quality of the TopTrax system with our preventative maintenance programs. From conception to completion, every TopTrax installation is important to us at All American Tracks.


All American Tracks can renovate both LATEX and POLYURETHANE running track surfaces. For LATEX running surfaces, we can patch, add rubber, spray latex, and/or restripe. On POLYURETHANE surfaces, we can patch, restripe, and/or add an aliphatic coating spray or structure spray. This provides a matte finish to the track with excellent resistance to damage from ultraviolet light and weather. It also protects the base rubber and makes it easier to keep clean. Please contact us for a consultation on the renovation needs of your track surface.


All striping, or lining, will be done in coordination with school personnel to ensure a custom application of the line and event markings suitable to the needs of your program. All American Tracks can also add custom colors, logos, and artwork to the event area. The precision of the work involved will not only satisfy the athletes who compete on the track, but it will also provide a visually superior display for the spectators.

Track lining and event marking are very complex projects. They should only be done by highly specialized, skilled and qualified personnel. All American Tracks Corporation is a member of the U.S. Tennis Court and Track Builders Association. All American Tracks conducts certification in accordance with NFSHSA, NCAA, or IAAF standards. You can be assured that your striping and restriping projects are being handled by qualified, experienced professionals when you choose All American Tracks.


Proper Running Track Maintenance
  • Keep track free of foreign matter, clean your track frequently – to remove sand, leaves, dirt, debris, moss, mold and mildew.

  • Use the right equipment, a vacuum sweeper, leaf blower, or water sprayer can be utilized.

  • Inspect high traffic areas, such as lanes 1 and 2, starting block locations, cheerleading areas, for wear, repair as required.

  • If the infield is natural turf, make sure that the sprinkler system is adjusted to minimize water on the track surface.

  • Clean and fill cracks, repair as required.

  • Cross over tarps should be utilized for maintenance equipment and walkways for turf sports when team are crossing over the track.

  • Public walkers and joggers should use the outer lanes to reduce wear in lanes 1 and 2.

  • Protective matting should be used when cheerleaders perform their routines and where football teams practice.

Things to avoid
  • Athletic shoes required, no spikes longer than 1/8.

  • Do not drag heavy objects across surface.

  • Do not drive any vehicles on the track at any time.

  • No pets, skateboarding, rollerblading, or bikes shall be permitted at any time.

  • Do not allow fertilizer or grass seed to be spread on the track.